“Ivanka Trump tweeted about Pride Month & all hell broke loose” links

Prince William arrives at BBC Broadcasting House

The LGBTQ community is not here for Precious Ivanka (read the responses on Ivanka’s Pride Month tweet, embedded below). [Pajiba]
Brad Pitt took Chris Cornell’s kids to an amusement park. [Wonderwall]
I too will watch Holly Hunter do anything. [LaineyGossip]
Fergie is no longer part of the Black Eyed Peas, just FYI. [Dlisted]
Here’s the winner of this year’s Scripps spelling bee!! [Jezebel]
Jeff Lewis’s daughter is adorable. [Starcasm]
Michelle Williams is replacing Rooney Mara. [JustJared]
I can’t wait for Rihanna to take down the Deplorables. [IDLY]
Lest the children read the word “sex” and be forever marred. [Seriously OMG WTF]
This is not a man, this is a tree. [Socialite Life]


Lisa Rinna lightens up!

Yesterday Justin Bieber cut his famous mane, then today Jennifer Aniston debuted her blonde shoulder length bob and now Lisa Rinna is showing off her lighter hair. She Tweeted, “My hair is very blonde right now big chunky blond highlights has never been like this I think its not sure but the Hubby loves it so……” And shortly afterwards Tweeted a picture and said, “Ok here’s a pIc of the Hair What do we think? not SO different right?!” and “That is after a workout and no make up so be nice please! :)” Well I am going to be nice because I think the highlights work for her. But with her skin coloring, most hair colors will work for her.
Now on a general celeb hair note, I wonder who will be the next to debut a hair don’t or maybe hair do?!?

More proof that Larry King really loves himself!

Today is Larry King’s 77th birthday and he Tweeted the above picture and said, “Thanks for all the great birthday wishes. My family woke me up at 6:30 this morning with a Mariachi band!” Now it isn’t the words he Tweeted that made post his Tweet, but it is the picture. I don’t have a problem with the happy family photo, but it is the painting behind him. Who has a huge a$$ painting of themselves in their living area? I say it is only people that are so in love with themselves that if they could marry themselves they would.
BTW what is up with all the gaudy gold? Oh wait, I think I figured out why…everything is so shiny it is blinding thus making it hard to see what Larry King really looks like???

Do Chris Gorham and Greg Grunberg have something to tells us?

Back in 2001 Chris Groham and Greg Grunberg worked on a little show together called Felicity and today the two of them Tweeted something that makes me wonder if they have something to tell us??? Greg Tweeted and then Chris reTweeted this,”@Chris_Gorham just took mr into a very small room on set of #LoveBites. I’m in love!!” I wonder if the Heroes star will have to get a new Alias because sounds like he is having a Covert Affair with Jake 2.0 and their wives might not be that happy about it… Actually I think it is two of them having some fun, just like I did with this post!!!

It's Movie Night For Paris And Nicky Hilton

Paris Hilton Nicky Hilton dress black sunglasses movie grove purse red shoes boots

Forget parties and the Hollywood scene — Paris Hilton knows that the best way to spend her down time is with her sister Nicky!

Paris and Nicky caught a screening of Megamind at the Grove in Los Angeles last night, and as always, both of the ladies were super sweet to photogs as they headed back to the parking garage. So what did Miss P think of the movie? She tweeted, “MEGAMIND was such a great movie! 3D is deinitely the future! Had an amazing cast, so funny! A movie for both kids and adults! :)”

Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers: "Camp Rock" in Costa Rica

Traveling overseas for “Camp Rock 2” tour duties, a back-to-brunette Demi Lovato joined the Jonas Brothers at a press conference in San Jose, Costa Rica on Monday (October 25).

The Disney darling smiled while joined by Nick, Joe and Kevin for the hotel media session, with their Costa Rican show scheduled to take place on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Demi and the JoBros were busy treating fans to an energetic display in Mexico on Sunday night, as Nick tweeted, “Great show… even though I had an epic fail during the flips with Joe. Can’t wait to see that on YouTube…. Not.”

Meanwhile, Demi tweeted just ahead of the south of the border gig, “Mexico City – you are crazy!!!! Haven’t even gotten to the venue yet!!!!”

Jayde Nicole's Cleavage-ful Night Out at Cleo

Showing off her curvaceous figure during a girls night on the town, Jayde Nicole was looking as sexy as ever while out in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday night (October 12).

Donning a bust-revealing black dress, the Playboy beauty excitedly tweeted, “All bronzed and beautiful! Headed to poker night w/my sexy ladies!”

Kicking things off with dinner at the Cleo restaurant in West Hollywood, Jayde later tweeted the night’s multi-stop agenda, writing, “Cleo – Premier – My Studio with my sexy girls! Xox”

Closing things out by checking out a performance by her pal DJ Vice, Miss Nicole wrote, “I love you @djvice ! You rocked it tonight! Happy bday.. Again! Haha”

Bristol Palin's DWTS Partner Meets Mama Sarah!

marksarahalaska.jpgmarkbristolalaska.jpgCourtesy Mark Ballas’ Twitter

She may not come to the ballroom, but Bristol Palin’s partner Mark Ballas brought the ballroom to Sarah Palin last week!

The Dancing With The Stars pro flew to Alaska where he tweeted this pic of his first meeting with the former Govenor.

“Me and Mama Palin…” he tweeted. “Alaska is awesome….”

I guess Sarah will finally appear on the show after all, if only in a video package of the pair’s trip to Bristol’s hometown.

Mark and Bristol are already back in LA working on their quickstep which they’ll debut on Monday night. Will Sarah be a good luck charm for them or the kiss of death, like she was for McCain?