Celebitchy Has Blake Lively; Tuna: Ariel Winter On Vacation Sarah Paulson And Amanda Peet Kissed on IDLYITW

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Go back to the beach with Royal Pains tonight

It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go to The Hamptons with Royal Pains on USA at 9p! The show picks up where it left off and Henry Winkler’s life in flux. We will find out what happens to him and how his actions will effect his sons Hank and Evan. They are not the only ones going through some major changes, but I can’t kiss and tell about it. What I will tell you is the show is just as good in the winter as it is in the summer!!!

Bar Guards Her Body

Bar Refaeli  paris model legs jacket bodyguardSupermodel Bar Refaeli’s bodyguard is one lucky man. Imagine being responsible for that rockin’ body?

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model strolled the streets of Paris in cutoff jeans and tights. Looked as if she was a little underdressed for the Parisian winter. But I’m sure she’ll have no shortage of volunteers to keep her warm!

I guess she's used to being in nothing but a bikini!

Brittany Murphy’s Death: Could Have Been Avoided

With her cause of death having just been revealed, sources tell that Brittany Murphy quite possibly could have been avoided had the appropriate action been taken.

Assistant Chief Ed Winter tells Us magazine, “Had someone said, ‘You are going [to the doctor] and thrown her in the car, she might be alive today.”

Continuing on, Winter explains, “She was a sick young lady. She and her mother talked, and she decided to get a doctor’s appointment. She passed away about three or four days before her doctor’s appointment.”

As previously reported by Gossip Center, the coroner’s report tells that the “Clueless” star died accidentally as a result of multiple drug intoxication, pneumonia, and iron deficiency anemia.