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People: Kim Cattrall ‘is the one who creates the drama’ & won’t ‘take responsibility’


What has happened in the past week with the Sex and the City cast is kind of crazy, right? I keep thinking of it as “The Public Shaming of Kim Cattrall.” It’s true that there has always been long-simmering resentments within the SATC cast, mostly between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, but I always thought both women would keep the thin veneer of sisterhood to the grave. Not so much. I also have to admit, before the events of the last week, I’d always been kind of “meh” on Kim as a person. She’s talented, she seemed cool in interviews, but I’d never really thought too much about her. After seeing the wolves descend on her and try to bury her with bitchy gossip, I’m now a big-time fan. What’s happening to her has made me very uncomfortable on her behalf and I’m glad to see her standing up for herself publicly. Kim also tweeted about the week-long drama on Friday:

She also retweeted this:

But still, *someone* has an axe to grind about Kim being a terrible, terrible diva. People Magazine had yet another story where “sources” just had to f–king reiterate that It’s All Kim’s Fault and Kim Is To Blame. I want to get in Sarah Jessica Parker’s face and sing “Let It Go.”

Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon spent years combating rumors that there was tension between the four of them while filming their Emmy-winning HBO series and its two big screen sequels. But a source close to production tells PEOPLE the actresses had conflicts and consciously kept that from fans.

“They genuinely did care about each other and worked very hard to protect their relationship,” the insider says. “Every relationship has its ups and downs and they worked very hard to protect fans from moments that weren’t ups.”

Multiple sources tell PEOPLE that star Kim Cattrall’s demands led studio Warner Bros. to kill Sex and the City 3, which Parker had said had a “beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story” ready for filming. Sources have told PEOPLE that Cattrall made “outrageous demands” to re-board the movie franchise. Another source previously countered that Cattrall was not happy with the “humiliating” plotlines for her character in the movies. (Warner Bros. has not commented).

While Cattrall has since denied that her demands had anything to do with the death of the in-development sequel — which she said she refused to board back in 2016 — an insider tells PEOPLE that the actress is refusing to own up to her part.

“It’s amazing Kim is saying she wasn’t negotiating because she was absolutely asking for many demands, some of which have already been quoted,” says the insider. “When she said the relationship was toxic, it’s interesting because she is the one who creates the drama, but she won’t take honest responsibility for her actions. She’s been protected by their silence for so long I think she just expects that.”

[From People]

Nothing says “that other woman created the drama” than a person who refuses to let go of a grudge and continues to give these “who me, I’m so innocent!” quotes about drama to People Magazine. I could seriously picture Sarah Jessica saying that to People, it really, really sounds like her. And it’s sad. Meanwhile, the New York Post had a very interesting history of the beef between SJP and Cattrall – go here to read it. They identify the pattern – SJP was mad that Kim was a “scene-stealer” during the TV show and SJP would basically isolate Kim with the help of cast and crew, while simultaneously pushing stories which casted Kim as the “villain.” This happened when SJP wanted to make all of the films – Kim would resist because she didn’t want to do something, and a spate of stories would appear about how Kim is terrible and she’s dragging her heels, etc.

People’s Choice Awards 2017 - Press Room

Kevin Spacey is honored by The Museum of Moving Images

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Kevin Spacey is honored by The Museum of Moving Images
People’s Choice Awards 2017 - Press Room


Perez & Celine!!!!!

We were very very very fortunate enough to attend Celine Dion’s final dress rehearsal for her new Vegas show at the Colosseum on Saturday night!
And, though we won’t say much as the show hasn’t officially opened yet and we want you all to be surprised, we WILL say that it’s such a pleaser.
We LOVED it […]

Heather Graham @ 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

Heather Graham @ 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Heather Graham won’t be returning for The Hangover 2. She originally played stripper Jade but according to a rep, her character doesn’t fit into the story for the sequel as they’re off filming in Thailand.

‘Unfortunately Heather won’t be in the sequel – the way the story unfolds doesn’t allow any room for her character to show up. I don’t want to reveal too much of the film, but once you see it you’ll understand.’ Source

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Michael Jackson Earned $756 Million Since His Death


Michael Jackson, who was said to be in serious financial trouble before his death, has generated roughly $756 million dollars in the year since he passed away.

The staggering figure is due mostly to the posthumous sales of his CDs, followed by the theatrical and DVD sales of his documentary, This Is It, a deal his estate made with Sony which will bring in tons of dough for years to come, and his publishing catalogue, which includes works by everyone from the Beatles to Taylor Swift, as the NY Daily News reports.

The $756 million won’t all go to his estate — which still carries quite a debt of nearly $500 million — but considering the multiple deals and sales that will bring in $$$ for years to come, we imagine it won’t be too long before that gets whittled down.

Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket should be set for life.
Unless they inherited their dad's spending habits!

Ariana Grande @ “A Time for Heroes” Picnic in L.A.

Ariana Grande @ "A Time for Heroes" Picnic in L.A.

These were snapped this past Sunday.

Currently, Ariana is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on “Victorious,” so most of us won’t be seeing her in action anytime soon.

Another reason we won’t be seeing Ariana in action is because she’s only 15! Can you fucking believe it?! What the hell are kids eating these days anyway? It’s very deceiving—especially when they don’t dress their age!!

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