Teen Taunted With Antigay Slurs, Attacked And Killed By Bullies

This is so unbelievably tragic.

An Iowa teenager died Saturday after he was by a group of who him with antigay .

Marcellus Andrews was taken off support Saturday night, a day after paramedics and police found him unconscious with severe head injuries.

Witnesses say they overheard the attackers call Andrews a “f-ggot” and other slurs before beating him.

His friend Nakita Wright tried to help her friend, saying:

“I tried to help him up, and then this boy ran back and kicked him in his face.”

Terrible! So vicious!

Andrews was set to compete in March Against Darkness in a few days with his drill team that was sponsored by the Union Missionary Baptist Church.

Officials are still investigating the assault. Meanwhile, no arrests have been made.

Such a terrible attack. Violence is NEVER the answer.

Our hearts go out to Marcellus’ family and friends.


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