The Real Housewives Of New York Strike: Money Can’t Buy You…Extra Time For Filming!

Countess LuAnn, Sonya, and Ramona are NOT happy with their Bravo production team!

It seems like the ladies who lunch, led by Ramona, have gone on a (of sorts) by refusing to film past the agreed production end date of the season. Most notably, they did NOT film any scenes at this year’s Fashion Week!

Apparently, filming is taking far longer than expected, and the original NY Housewives are just NOT taking it this year.

UH OH. This may not have been the best business ! According to an insider:

“In the end, the ladies that didn’t make themselves available to shoot only hurt themselves, as it means the new girls will get extra airtime. What I can guarantee you is that if Ramona thinks she is going to win by messing with the new ladies, she can think again. These girls are killers.”

It’s hard being a Housewife!

[Image via WENN.]


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