Tom Cruise And Rebecca Ferguson Are Hanging In There On The Set Of Mission: Impossible 5

He may be 52-years-old, but you’ll have to kill him before he stops performing his own stunts!

Which is exactly what Tom Cruise was doing this past Friday as he filmed scenes for his new movie : 5 at the famous Vienna Opera House in Austria.

A beaming Tom looked like he could hang around all day as he dangled on a rope hundreds of feet above the cold hard ground.

But his co-star Rebecca Ferguson did NOT look as comfortable as she followed Tom’s rappelling lead!

Although we guess they are worse places to be than stuck in the air with Tom directly across from you! She at least managed to smile despite her obvious nervousness!

We’ve got to admit that Tom Cruise has made quite a comeback in recent years, and it seems his movie career has never been better!

We’re SO excited to see what the actor will bring in this new sure-to-be awesome movie!

We do know that whenever we see a crazy stunt performed in the flick – it’ll be Tom himself who did the job!

[Image via Splash News.]


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