Will and Jada Smith Split – Decide To Admit They Are Gay

Today Will and have shaved their collective beards.

years of pretending to be shiny, happy straight to further both their careers, they have decided to separate. Why not, they can’t really go any further in the Church of Scientology until they both get reprogrammed..and neither one of these biatches up for that. In fact, there’s a rumor that has been around for YEARS that Will has a serious lover that he keeps hidden away somewhere remote and sunny.

It’s not a big secret that even though they are married and have a that they both play for the other team. And that’s fine. That’s more than fine. In fact, think of the mileage the gay and lesbian community could get out of them both coming out together.

But they won’t. At least Will won’t.

will and jada split

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