Kaley Cuoco Photographed Taking Phone Out Of Her Right Pocket; Reads Text While Walking!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast NewsView All Photos › Aside from the logistics of reading her incoming text messages, we should also mention that these photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco was seen rocking her sexy equestrian getup while going horse riding in Los… [Read More]

Chris Brown Steals A Fan Cell Phone

Continuing on his quest to be the biggest A-hole in history Chris Brown stole a fan’s cell phone and screamed at her.

Chris Brown faces new potential troubles with the law after allegedly snatching a woman’s iPhone as she tried to snap his picture outside a Miami Beach nightclub.

“B—-, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” the singer, 22, angrily told the fan as he reached through his Bentley window around 4 a.m. Sunday and took the phone from her hands, according to a police report.

His genius plan backfired because this story has blown up this morning. The best part is that if the investigators prove this charge to be true he could face 4 years in prison for violating his probation from beating up his BFF Rihanna.

chris brown


Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Victim Recounts Night of Abuse

Once again making headlines for the wrong reasons, Lindsay Lohan is under investigation for misdemeanor charges which may end up resulting in another probation violation.

With the situation stemming from a run-in with a Betty Ford Center employee after the “Mean Girls” star turned up 10 minutes past curfew on December 12th, chemical technician Dawn Holland has finally opened up about the alleged assault.

Talking to TMZ, Holland revealed, “Lindsay and two other patients had snuck out, went drinking and tried to sneak back in and they got caught. We were told by our administration on-call to do a breathalyzer test, which she refused to do. She was angry and out of control.”

Claiming to have been pushed by Lohan, Holland adds that the oft troubled actress “kept yelling and cursing and screaming” even as she was on the phone calling police.

The chemical technician went on to tell, “Then she tried to snatch the phone from out of my arm. She grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm and my hand to get the phone. She was the only patient out of the three who was being very uncooperative and out of control. I did not touch the woman! I am not willing to risk my job over any patient.”

With the Palm Desert Police Department still investigating the incident, Miss Holland is currently on paid medical leave while unable to use the injured hand.

Meanwhile, Lindsay will have to go back in front of Jude Elden S. Fox if charges are brought against her – with a conviction likely to lead to a jail sentence of up to six months.

X17 XCLUSIVE – Jake Gyllenhaal Boards A Private Plane — To Meet Up With Rumored Girlfriend Taylor Swift?

Jake Gyllenhaal jet dual engine Van Nuys private Jake Gyllenhaal jet dual engine Van Nuys private Although he strikes us as more of a commercial flyer, Jake Gyllenhaal boarded a private plane this afternoon and took off from a Los Angeles area airport.

The Love and Other Drugs star, who climbed aboard solo, has recently been spotted on both coasts with Taylor Swift, who’s nine years his junior and currently promoting her new album, Speak Now.

Jakey G was checking his phone as he headed up the stairs, perhaps trying to send one final sext before he took off!

Could he be heading to another secret rendez-vous with the singer, who was most recently in Toronto?
Hmmm, maybe this time someone will get a pic!

Paris Hilton Goes Glam For A Day Of Shopping

Paris Hilton designer dress green black blonde sunglasses

Forget about scandalicious Halloween costumes, it looks like Paris Hilton is in the mood to shop for regular clothes this weekend!

We snapped the heiress looking oh so sexy in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon, and she was doing a bit of multitasking, as we caught her taking a phone call mid-strut. Maybe it was her boyfriend Cy Waits? Can’t wait to see what these two are dressing up as for Halloween!

BuzzzFoto Blind Item #407

This foreign born star who made it big in a movie last year was contemplating a move to Los Angeles to be closer to more roles and opportunities. When she put down the cash on some real estate in a posh Beverly Hills neighborhood, this C list Actress (who really hasn’t done anything but cameos lately) gave her a phone call that went something like this, “We’re sooo glad to hear you’re moving here… but I should probably warn you that you’ll be the only person in the neighborhood who isn’t white, except for the help of course. You might be more comfortable somewhere else.”

Sienna Miller Hits Phone-Hacking Tabloid with Lawsuit

Getting to work on another new project, Sienna Miller was spotted keeping busy on the set in West Hollywood, California on Wednesday (September 15).

Following a relaxing summer break from movie-making, the “Layer Cake” cutie is currently plugging away on the Karen Moncrieff directed drama titled “The Trials of Cate McCullough”.

Co-starring Kate Beckinsale, a synopsis via IMDB tells: “A former hotshot lawyer, now in recovery and estranged from her family, in order to be reinstated at the bar and recover custody of her daughter, must take on the appeal of a woman wrongfully convicted of murder.”

In related news, it has just been reported that Miss Miller has struck back at tabloid lies – as she’s decided to file a lawsuit against News Of the World.

According to The Guardian, Sienna is taking legal action after discovering that the “newspaper’s private investigator Glenn Mulcaire allegedly hacked into her cell phone, acquiring her stored phone numbers as well as her account number and the pin for her voicemail.”

Let the Mel Gibson phone call mashups begin!!!

Mel Gibson’s infamous tirade on the phone to the mother of his seventh child screams mashup and FunnyOrDie has started it off by adding that audio to a scene from Phone Booth with Colin Farrell. OMG! That is so brilliant and it worked perfectly! I can’t wait to see the other mashups that people come up with because if they are good as this one we will be laughing for weeks and weeks.